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What is the difference between electronic and electro-mechanical pinball machines?
Electro-mechanical (EM) machines are run by a large amount of switches, relays, solenoids and an electric motor while electronic games are run by mostly Integrated Circuit (IC) devices. Any pinball machines made before 1977 are EM and any after 1977 are electronic. 1977 is the crossover year and has a mix of both. If you don’t know the year the machine was made the simplest way to tell is to examine the game displays. Mechanical scoring reels means it is EM while digital displays mean it is electronic.

Will My Arcade Repair buy my Arcade machine or take it as a trade in?
Absolutely! You can receive credit for just about any machine (pinball or video game) regardless of type or whether or not it is working. The amount offered in cash or credit is dependant on the game and its condition.

Can I trade in my EM for credit towards a newer electronic machine?
Yes, My Arcade Repair will take your EM in trade.

Do you deliver and set up the arcade machines for me?
No, My Arcade Repair no longer delivers or moves machines. We are available to set-up or prepare your games for moving to another location, standard labor rates apply.

Will you ship one of your games?
Yes, we will work with your shipping company. We cannot warranty games that are shipped, we will however help you as best as possible with phone support should you experience a problem during the first seven days of owning your game.

What forms of payment do you accept?
My Arcade Repair accepts cash, money orders and local checks (though they will have to clear before you take ownership of your game).

Do you have/can I request a specific pinball machine or video game?
My Arcade Repair typically lists all of the games we have in stock on our site; however there is a short delay from the time we get a game until it is listed (our games our cleaned, cap-kits installed (if needed), fully tested, and working before reaching our website). So, you can always check by emailing us for the most up to date information. If we do not have the game you are looking for, we can locate almost any game. Once located you will be informed and requested to put a deposit down while your machine is undergoing the restoration/testing process.

Can I call for tech support if I don’t live in your service area?
My Arcade Repair cannot give tech support help to everyone on the phone; there just isn't enough time in the day. If you live in the Southern New Hampshire area and are considering using my services, feel free to call or email and we can talk. But outside Southern New Hampshire I just cannot help everyone fix his or her game on the phone. Thanks in advance.

If I still have a question that you have not answered, what can I do?
Simply sending us an email or contacting us during normal business hours by phone can answer any unanswered questions.

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