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Game Sales & Repair Services:

What is the difference between electronic (Solid State) and electro-mechanical (EM) pinball machines?
Electro-mechanical (EM) machines are run by a large number of switches, relays, solenoids, score reels, and an electric motor. Electronic games have digital displays and have Integrated Circuit (IC) devices on many circuit boards.Any pinball machine made prior to 1977 is referred to as EM and after 1977, are Solid State. 1977 is the crossover year and offers a mix of both EM and Solid State machines depending on Manufacturer. If you don’t know the year the machine was made the simplest way to tell is to examine the game displays. Mechanical scoring reels denote it is EM while digital displays represent Solid State.

Game Sales & Service performed at our Shop- Due to the fragile nature of transporting games from our shop back to your location, no warranty is expressed or implied. We have no control of your moving process- road conditions (vibration/pot holes), hot/cold temperatures, rough handling of the machine, and the possibility that the machine was dropped. It is important that you test your machine fully before leaving the shop as we are not responsible for any repaired or purchased machines that have stopped working when they arrive at your destination. All game sales are final, no returns or exchanges.

Electromechanical Pinball Machines (Older than 1978)- Due to their age, numerous switch contact alignments, sensitivity to damp (basement), hot/cold environmental conditions, no warranty is expressed or implied on location or in the shop. There are too many parts that are old and worn out from game play with 40+ years of wear and tear.

Solid State Pinball Machines (Newer than 1978)- Our 7-day warranty covers any repairs that were performed by My Arcade Repair including any new parts that were installed.

Contact us immediately if your repaired machine exhibits the same issues, our warranty is for 7-days from the date of the Service Call regardless if the machine has not been played" or "has been played a couple of times "during the warranty period We reserve the right to not warranty a game if the customer has attempted to re-repair, modify, adjust contacts, over-play the machine until it “breaks” and/or have another repair person look at the machine.

Video Games- Our 7-day warranty covers any repairs that were performed by My Arcade Repair including any new parts that were installed.

On Location Repairs- All games repaired on location include a 7-day warranty on location, if the warranty applies. Additional charges will apply if any additional work is required during the warranty visit outside of the warranty work, including- labor, travel time & parts. Additional repairs needed could be the result of many underlying issues that may not surface until the machine is placed back in service and is now being played. However, if the cause of the re-repair is a result of My Arcade Repair's poor workmanship or faulty new parts that we supplied & installed, your repair is fully covered. We are not responsible for any parts that are supplied by the customer.

Shop Repairs- Any game/monitor/circuit board repaired in our shop includes a 7-day warranty at the shop, if the warranty applies. The game/monitor/circuit board must be returned to the shop by the customer for evaluation and any warranty work. Circuit board repairs can be the result of many underlying issues with the customer’s game that are undiagnosed, including- bad power supplies, burnt coils, faulty wiring inside the machine or misadjusted power supply voltages. When your repair is picked up, we will guide you on the potential cause of your board failure and what is needed to avoid it happening again. These underlying issues are beyond our control and will void the warranty if the board fails again in the same manner.

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